Monday, 31 August 2015

Almost too fast on Tower Ridge!

The forecast was for a worsening day and as we walked in to Ben Nevis in mizzle I was preparing for another night based around the drying room. The forecast was nonsense, the day got better and better and Tower Ridge was just clearing as we sat on the Great Tower for an early lunch and we were getting good views from the summit. We took in Ledge Route on the way down and things were just getting pleasant at the end of the day!
Nice to see Chadders, Dave, Andy, Nick and Chappers all out at work today!
 Paul getting in amongst it on Tower Ridge
 Tim and Paul on the side of the Great Tower
 Figures on the summit
 Earky lunch on the Great Tower
 Paul emerges from Tower Gap
 Looking back
 Topping out
 Ledge Route
 Team above us on Ledge Route
Tower Ridge…. done!

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