Sunday 13 November 2016

Developing Climbing Coaches

 Catch this!
 Climbers' journeys
Getting Tactical-Route reading
 Route reading 2
 Routereading 3
 Not going to win a Turner Prize
 Following the Route
Psychological aspects-better desensitisation to falling
I just spent the last 2 days running a Development Coach Training Course at Glasgow Climbing Centre. It was great to work with Kristie from GCC and Rob of Climb Scotland to draw on their extensive personal coaching experience and help them understand and recognise why much of what they do already works so well. At the same time I was able to feed a few useful ideas to them on where they might develop further. Climbing Coaching is really starting to reach a stage where there is a varied and interesting body of knowledge behind it now. There is so much for to coaching climbing than physical training and i'm always fascinated to see some of the technical, tactical and psychological concepts at work. Over the last days I got the guys to coach me and each other in some areas of our climbing performance and I learnt a few things about both my climbing and some ideas I can use in coach education- as well as helping K and R develop too- a triple win!

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