Thursday 21 September 2017

Catching up.

Just over 7 weeks since a blog post! A great month in Greenland... icebergs in light that seemed to glow with so much body you could cut it with a knife. A nice first ascent and time spent with wonderful folk. Since then? Up Tower Ridge and down Ledge Route 3 times, Curved Ridge 3 times (down Great Gully Buttress twice), the Aonach Eagach twice, Ledge Route in the rain for some first timers, up and down Dinnertime Buttress, an MIA Assessment with rock climbing at Dunked twice, Huntly's Cave once, Polldubh once and a very wet Cairngorm Nav day, a CWA Assessment, an SPA Assessment and a little quality time with the family...Its a grand life if you don't weaken...

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