Saturday 26 June 2010

Douglas Boulder Direct Route and Tower Ridge

Today Rich and I took a team of 4 up the Direct Route on the Douglas Boulder (VDiff but finishing up the top pitch of Black Donald, Severe) and then on up Tower Ridge. I had Lisa and James (aka Andy- don't ask) who were great company and really enjoyed their first day's outdoor climbing and mountaineering. The weather was fine and there were plenty of teams out on routes including Minus 1 Direct, Centurion and Observatory Ridge. Near the Little Tower we met Phil and Mikey who had wandered a little off route. Mikey had a bit of a tumble whilst belayed by his dad and was having difficulty climbing up to him. I managed to get my rope to him, help him onto the regular line and reunite him with Phil.
The summit plateau was typically busy for a saturday and teams of 3 Peakers and Charity walkers were still heading up low down on the mountain as we descended.


Unknown said...

Hey Al, that video is awesome! I had a fantastic day - thanks so much for the experience (and for putting up with my 'moment' at the gap...!). It really was an unforgettable day - can't wait for my next outdoor climb! Lisa.

Alan said...

Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did. And 've seen worse 'moments'! Al