Friday 25 June 2010

SPA Day 2

Midge hooded climbers on 3 Pines

And the all over midge jacket in action on Flying Dutchman

Female Gold Ringed Dragonfly Ovipositing

I do like it when people pass Assessments. Well done to my 3 SPA candidates today who all demonstrated that they were at the right standard. We were at Glen Nevis along with a fair few other climbers. One of the military instructors was even sporting a natty all over midge protecting jacket whilst leading up Flying Dutchman. An occaisional breeze stopped things getting too bad and there were Golden Ringed Dragonflys (we saw a female laying her eggs), the first blueberries of the season and a huge green catterpillar for me to look at whilst the team performed their tasks.

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