Sunday 13 June 2010

Wet on Tower Ridge

Neal pulling up onto the Great Tower
Neal crossing Tower Gap

With a disgusting forecast I allowed my client for today to postpone Tower Ridge for another day. Didn't put me off though. Neal had been working on his computer all day so this afternoon we drove the van up to the dam car park on Ben Nevis. 2 hrs 42 minutes later we were back having nipped up the Ridge for ourselves. I love that route its a great long, mountaineery line that I just don't tire of.... summer, winter, rain or shine! Neal's first time on the Ridge in summer and it was good to get out together as some further training for our trip to the Afghan Pamir in about 6 weeks.


Anatole said...

Ah - well, of course it was easy after we'd given you a few key pointers on the previous day! Meanwhile we were battling the M6 which was wet almost all the way, poor visibility in places and a few log jams but no snow patches.

simon said...

I love that route too, but where is the Dam car park ? It took me a little longer than you !