Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wave Buttress

Crack Attack E3 5c
Bewsey Crack HVS 5a
Ground Zero E2 5c

This afternoon Kenny and I headed up to Wave Buttress above Steall Meadows at the head of Glen Nevis. This 100ft sheet of perfect rough schist is split by a few obvious cracklines. Kenny led us up the classic Crack Attack (E3 5c) which spat me off twice on my way to the top :-(. Then I led Bewsey Crack (HVS 5a) and Kenny rounded off with the bold and technical Ground Zero (there is an RP placement but Kenny had no micros making it seem more E3 5c than E2 5c- and there is NO WAY it is E2 5B whatever Gary Latter says ;-) which I managed to cling on for.

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