Monday, 21 October 2013

Happy meetings, article in TGO and a nice parcel

Before the CWA Training at the weekend I was involved in a couple of interesting meetings last week. I am a member of the MCofS's Mountain and Hillwalking Advisory Group which met at Glenmore Lodge last week. There were a number of items of note on the agenda including communications both with the media and the general public (in part a response to Dorothy Grace Elder's ill informed outbursts after the multiple avalanche fatalities last year) and equipment on and content of winter courses by the MCofS in the upcoming season. Top nosh in the bar at the Lodge too!
Then I was at the Ben Nevis Inn with a number of local Instructor/Leader/Guides meeting Outdoor Capital UK and the John Muir Trust about a possible scheme  to recognise/quality assure the environmental knowledge and credentials of locals working on Ben Nevis. After the recent clean up by outdoor types on the hill there has been a lot of discussion about what else we can do to protect Ben Nevis and educate our clients and other visitors in our own small way.
Picked up a copy of The Great Outdoors Magazine's November Issue today which carries an Article Glenmore Lodge commissioned me to write on heuristics and avalanche avoidance. Pt. 2 will be published in a future issue.
And finally many thanks to Marmot who provided the ABC Training Trust with Variant Vests for the Technical Experts to wear when we are out moderating at climbing walls running the NICAS. Toasty tops that look great!

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