Thursday 24 October 2013

No problems...

Out with the third years from UHI today in Glen Nevis. We were looking at problem avoidance, solving and improvised rescue. I had a strong team of 4 and we: retreated from a climb looking at abseil anchors we would and wouldn't use, conducted assisted and unassisted hoists from within the system, lowered casualties past a knot and abseiled past one too. The whole time stressing the importance of good principles of ropework management, belay construction etc. The guys did well commenting on how practising it in context on climbs was quite a different matter from classroom sessions and seeing it int textbooks.
As I cycled home through Corpach I could see just a dusting of snow on the CMD Arete and the west face of Aonach Mor.
 Going up
 Anchors for going down
 Jammed knot anchor
 Unassisted hoist
 Abseiling past a knot
 Busy on Scimitar Ridge today
A little white stuff left at the end of the day

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