Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Moderating at EICA

Today I was moderating the provision of NICAS at EICA in Ratho. The NICAS Scheme aims to provide structure and quality to the introduction of young people through indoor walls in the UK and has got big enough that they have chosen a number of people to go and observe and check how courses are being run in walls nationwide. Today I spoke with Pam at EICA, the NICAS Course Director there, observed Krystian running a good session and checked a lot of boring but essential paperwork. On the way home I got to see a great sunset over the Clyde Estuary as I typed furiously in response to the enquiries I've had about a Foundation Coach Training I've advertised on the CMS on 1 Dec. Looks like enough interest for a second course on the 14th Dec!

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