Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Slippery when wet!

Today I was working for UHI with the second years helping to develop their rock climbing. With the water overflowing the gutters at the College this morning we went east to a drier Kingussie Crag where I spent the day with Rory. We climbed half a dozen pitches including his third and fourth leads on rock that varied from clean and dry to something akin to a well greased pole! The weather was bright and sunny and warm a cold and calm and windy and wet. And that was just the first hour.
 Rory preparing the abseil
 Going down
 Coming up
 Looking back across to the crag
 Rory checking and replacing my gear
 Sunny here but look behind you
 The other teams at the crag
 Max teaching leading
Rory on the sharp end

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