Thursday, 20 February 2014

A full house on the MIC Assessment

Last practical day of the MIC Assessment today and it was wild, wet and all round grim this morning. The teams persevered (not that they had much choice ;-) and 3 teams walked in to the Twin Ribs in really grotty conditions. As we arrived the forecast came true!
 Base of the Ribs
 another group arrives with clearing weather below
 Teaching leading
 Sean returning after a look into the Coire
 Patrick on the sharp end
 Close observation
 Plenty of debris after the recent thaw
 Mess of Pottage
 Topping out onto the Ridge
 A quick sort
 Cornice above Coire an Lochan
 Heading down
4 new MICs Congratulations and well done to Alex, Jon, Simon and Ben!

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