Monday, 17 February 2014

A little Light Entertainment on Stag Rocks

Another week at Glenmore Lodge for me and today was the first day of an MIC Assessment. We went climbing on Stag Rocks and Jon and Simon abseiled me into Diagonal Gully and then climbed us out by Light Entertainment (III in the definitive guide but the last pitch would have given a III leader a shock and half today- I believe the Cicerone Guide gives it III,4 which is a little closer to the mark). Another team climbed Apex Gully and we both found some cruddy snow but also a lot of good turf. Albino and Final Selection looked great. Once out it was a brisk bit of whiteout nab to get us back over 1141 and down for me to deliver the Avalanche and Winter Hazards lectures this evening.
 White walk in
 Across the Loch (!)
 Looking down across Diagonal
 The upper part of Final Selection
 "Now… where is that tat!"
 Heading down
 Simon following on
 Team 'Apex'
 The initial traverse
 Simon following
 Simon leading through the snow showers (this pitch is easier than it looks)
 Jon managing to find time to pose… even on his Assessment
 Simon on the crux (this pitch is harder than it looks!)
 Scottish mixed… heather juniper, turf, rock, cunning, knees… love it!
…big Jon just reaches past the difficulties!

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