Friday, 14 February 2014

Today i went climbing!!! :-)

Final day of the MIC Training at Glenmore Lodge and finally I was on the right course on the right day to get some climbing. It wasn't the hardest route. It wasn't the longest route. But there was ice. There were screws. There were 2 axes. And I was grinning as I was teaching.
We went to Lurchers Crag walking in from the Sugar bowl Car Park in a couple of hours. We were after at least 4 pitches for the students to practise on ( plus a look at approaching the crag with students and getting off on bloke ground afterwards). after a chat with James (who was out for a solo around but was a REAL star by letting us all crack on to the route and not going above us) Derek's team and mine shared Right Hand Ice Fall. The first pitch was a little cruddy but after that our LHS of the falls gave some pleasant ice at an easy III.
We made it down with the wind rushing in to usher us back to the Lodge for the end of course debriefs.
 Team walk in- lots of trail breakers
 Lurchers- crag of choice again today in the Cairngorms- many teams
 RH in the middle, LH on the left
 Andy sampling a cruddy pitch 1
 Glad thats over!
 Derek's team and spot the enormous cornice
 Jamie B follows
 View across the Lairig
 Tangle free changeovers
 Sam on points
 Derek moving fast
 Last pitch- best pitch
 Duncan heading for the top
End of course

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