Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Winter ML Day 2

Woke to a snowy and blowy Glenmore Lodge this morning. The road was shut so we led off a long queue of folk heading up to the Ciste Car Park on foot before going on a journey in that area to let the guys show their stuff. Then the sky turned blue, we found some shelter and the day turned positively pleasant (that is written with surprise).
Note: These are just pictures I find attractive/interesting/amusing- none of them is any way an endorsement or comment on any of the techniques shown here.
 The long queue up the hill this morning
 'I'm a little teapot' (don't worry- he can take it)
 In the Ciste Gully
 Mick at work
 Abominable snow Mick
 Mark passing it over
 The 'white board'
 Look at that!
Feathered friend… please guys- no more information on Ptarmigan!

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