Saturday 19 May 2007

Cragging and a wild day on the Aonach Eagach

Whilst working at Crieff Hydro Jamie and I spent an evening at Benny Beg for a little low grade Scottish sport climing we managed to rack up 3 routes each before the showers drove us back to our luxury accommodation! The next night we went to Glen Lednock a slightly obscure trad venue. We were seeking a 2 star severe called Carcass Wall. After unearthing it from the undergrowth I only climbed 10 m before realising there were nesting birds above us. I quickly lowered off and we transferred our attentions to a clean looking steep VS to its right. The first 10m were steep, clean and solid but then there was another 10m of steep, loose vegetated choss to get off - a real game of 2 halves.
Yesterday Kenny and I had a party of 5 northern lads to take out on the Aonach Eagach. Despite a foul weather forecast we headed up Am Bodach confident that we had a few options to bail off of the ridge if things were as grim as forecast. The early moring torrential rain cleared to an hour of sunshine before the first of a number of hail and sleet showers. Then the visibility cleared and we had good views all afternoon. The 70mph gales were as forecast but dried off the rock a little and the guys did well scuttling along the ridge keeping low to avoid being blown over!

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