Saturday 5 July 2008

CWA and an afternoon scramble

I was Directing another Climbing Wall Award Training for Glasgow Climbing Centre on Thursday and Friday and had another 10 candidates for this successful and popular course. On the way home from Glasgow I went for an afternoon scramble over the Aonach Eagach. It was dry in Glencoe for most of the day today and the car parks were full of happy hillwalkers. From the West end of the ridge I dropped north into the Cam Coire and then cut back east over the col to the South of Garbh Bheinn - a real contrast in these lonely Glens from a busy Aonach Eagach - to finish down the West Highland Way back to Kinlochleven. The crags are alive with flowers; Lady Bed Straw, Alpine Lady's Mantle, Tormentil, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Heath Spotted Orchids, Starry Saxifrage and Bog Asphodel abound. The strong winds kept it from feeling too warm and kept the midges down for me to pick my raspberries this evening!

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Anonymous said...

you certainly know your flowers!