Sunday, 9 November 2008

Today I took 2 of the lads from Glasgow Academy up the Zig Zags in Glencoe. Last night they all stayed at Lagangarbh and we had a great deal of snow fall. Today we had to wade up through it past a successful stag and his harem of does. The scramble was pouring with water under the coating of wet snow making it challenging and slippery but a good option for a quick day befoe the weather turned worse with hail and heavy rain (still falling as wet snow higher up).


Anonymous said...

Thanks Al for a fantastic weekend. I had a great time. really enjoyed the zig zag today. amazing time

very much looking forward to Greenland now!

Adam Watson

Alan said...

Glad you enjoyed it Adam - roll on the summer. Al

Gerry said...

Hi I meet up with Alan and the boys on the way of the hill on Sunday; it is good to see the young boys out with someone of Alan's experience
and in Sundays conditions
Keep up the good work.

Gerald O' Connor

Alan said...

Hi Gerry, yes, they were given the choice to go out in the bad weather or have a day at the Climbing Wall - they made a good choice, eh? Al