Sunday 8 March 2009

Friday and the weekend

Friday was a relaxed and sunny end to the week for Bill and Jim’s climbing course at Glenmore Lodge. We walked in and the guys led up Jacob’s Left Edge. Despite the Mess of Potage being typically busy everyone was being fairly sensible and we exited Jacob’s Ladder easily. After a pleasant route we topped out in the sun but were able to see a change in the weather on the horizon. We headed round to 1141 and back to the Lodge for tea and cake. Last week I was working for Glenmore Lodge.
This weekend I have been down at Glasgow Climbing Centre directing a Climbing Wall Award for students from Auchencruive College and taking a little time out from a hectic winter schedule to see my wife and son. Sandy has just learnt to crawl. We have just invested in stair gates and locks!!

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