Tuesday 24 March 2009

Winter Skills Day 2

Today we went to Ciste Mhearad. the day began with light winds and much better visibility. We found plenty of freshly transported snow and looked at snow profiles and dug some walking rutsch block tests. After investigating the snowhole village and a bite to eat we looked at a few more skills: self arrest, self belay, step cutting and using the axe on slightly steeper ground. We spent a bit of time discussing which of these skills were most important to us in practical terms and which were quite complex or time consuming to apply without regular practise. As we left the little coire the wind had strengthened but gone round to a more southerly direction bringing much warmer conditions to the tops. We said farewell to Fiona and the team from Winchester College CCF digging in for the night. I was working for Glenmore Lodge again today.

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