Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Past few days

Sunday was staff training at The Ice Factor: some SPA rope work revision, discussion of how accidents occur at walls and how to avoid them- based on two excellent articles in Horizons (1 from http://www.lessonslearned.org.uk/, 1 from http://www.aals.org.uk/) and some site specific training on working with taster groups. Yesterday Adam Hughes was working with me on a CWA Assessment for 7 candidates at Glasgow Climbing Centre- well done to all; those that passed and those that didn't but learnt something new.
Today was a day off but I went cragging in Glen Nevis with an old mate wo hasn't been on the rock for a few years (he moved to Barbados) so we jumped around getting up 9 pitches of rock around V Diff to Severe in baking hot sunshine (Outward Bound had a group hiding in the shade, JSMTW Ballachullish were stripped to the waste out in the sun and a handfull of other climbers were braving the heat). Brendan also got back onto the sharp end to 'give me a break from leading'.... once a climber..... always a climber.

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