Thursday, 19 August 2010

Back in Tajikistan...

Sitting at possibly the slowest computer in Central Asia battling the flies for control of the keyboard. Well we survived and I'll be back next week with tales of jeeps stuck in the mud and swept away by rivers, the Pakistan weather was just a few mountains away and the mud got so bad that we had to carry the loads for the horses! We drank tea with Kabuli sheep traders in yurts, rode yaks and horses across rivers hundreds of metres wide, watched a buzkashi match (think individual rugby on horseback with no fixed goal and a dead goat instead of a ball)- and almost got run over by the horses, escaped the clutches of a corrupt police chief, lived on rice and nan for 3 weeks, rode more horses to find our jeep after the river had washed away the road and even climbed a couple of new peaks! We also found a safe friendly reception with outstandingly helpful people and humbling hospitality everywhere we went. Yesterday had my first beer in a month.... today had my first shower (priorities don't you know). 16 hours jeep journey back to Dushanbe tomorrow. Back in Fort William by Tuesday.

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