Friday, 23 July 2010

Unexpected opportunity

I've grabbed an unexpected opportunity to blog from Tajikistan. Up to last night I'd had 4 hours in a bed in the last 72, most of the rest were spent in planes and jeeps or exploring Istanbul and Dushanbe.
Yesterday we took a 16hour drive along the Pamir Highway (think Karakorum Highway- narrow, variable quality, mountains 1000s of metres above the gorge, enormous river below) which was fine except for an exciting blowout at 50mph. Fortunately the driver held it together and we stayed on the road- not much of a wheel left though.
At 2am local time we turned up at the Serena Inn Khorog (google it). An absurdly luxurious hotel in the middle of a mountain fastness (booked for us through the BBC who are accompanying us on part of our trip- don't worry, its a cheap and a rare spot of luxury- they aren't wasting your license fee :-).
Today we cross into Afghanistan.
The BBC are doing a live brioadcast on Good Morning Scotland, probably about 0740 on Monday morning (subject to program changes!).


Anonymous said...

Article here:

Have fun!!

Unknown said...

Cool, we can keep an eye on you online!

theflyingpaddy said...

Good efforts sir. Keep safe.


Indiana Angwin said...

Inspiring as ever. Bonne chance.