Monday 29 November 2010

Late start

Ooops. Was sup;posed to be winter climbing early this morning but spent last night trapped on the A82 with many other motorists. Jane, Sandy and I slept in a layby on the van floor (ontop of a couple of ropes and my El Chorro Laundry- J and S sharing a nice big down bag and I had my little Cuiilin Ridge/sleeping on friends floors bag). Well done to the Inverbeg Inn dealing with the a huge influx of stuck unhappy travellers- they opened the hotel, prepared rooms and food and generally looked after everyone.
So, a late start today but I think I'll nip up the Ben and see what's what and blog again later. Video of Sandy sledging in Keswick here in the mean time!

Sandy Sledging from Alan Halewood on Vimeo.


Christopher Sleight said...

Thanks, Alan. You have vindicated my decision to leave the queue at Tarbet and go over the Glen Ogle pass, even if it took us five hours!

We had a great day out on the Cobbler, but wild weather.

Gary Hodgson said...

luckily I was heading south (not north)last night from Arrochar, 8 hrs from Tarbet to Glasgow!We made it without 'roughing' it on the A82!

Alan said...

Chris, we considered going round to Glen Ogle but though the weather would be worse in the East.
Gary, you are lucky, I don't know why they were allowing some southbound traffic through but no northbound?

Anonymous said...

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