Wednesday 3 November 2010


Autumn MTB in Lochaber from Alan Halewood on Vimeo.

Cold and damp again today with a dusting of snow on the tops. I cycled out to Nevis Range and round the Cour Loop to Spean Bridge (via a wee tumble- see video and chuckle). Then on up to the Commando Memorial which gives one of the finest roadside views in Scotland on a clear day. Today was a bit grey for views though and the ride back down the canal was made at a good speed in cold heavy rain. The best bit of the video short is the 'little accident' around 02:16.


Anonymous said...

Nice one; wet wooden bridge are lethal on a bike. Best technique is WALK!!! or hit it head on, stay up right on the bike and do not turn or brake under any circumstances (same technique as ice on a bike).

I've found years of crash test dummying has been good training for this :(

Keep up the great site, esp as winter is fast approaching


Alan said...

That sounds like good advice- especially the walking bit! Wet and cold with a dusting of white stuff on the hills today.... winter will be here soon.