Saturday 19 February 2011

Home again

Today we took The Glasgow Academy team for a last morning at the closest crag to our villa near Bolulla. This is a fairy new crag and there was some loose rock and vegetation to deal with. Everyone got to do another climb or two and we went through some climbing movement exercises to improve their technique. Back at the villa there was a quick tidy up and team lunch before we headed off to Alicante Airport. Pictures include a shot of the remains of our leg of cured pork.... why don't we get food like that in the supermarkets here? Particular thanks due to Alison who as well as minding her boisterous 8 month old also created a truely sumptuous feast every night (rabbit, salmon, bar-b-cued lamb, chicken and pork kebabs, pork ribs, bread and butter pudding, chocolate mousse, poached pears.... the list goes on- as would my waistline if there had been any more).
Top week, great team of staff and students. Now a day or so off before I return to face the wrath of the Scottish winter!

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