Thursday 17 February 2011

Via Ferrata

Neal Gwynne- looking 'heroic'
Will Leading his first 6a at Toix
Alison taking a break from feeding us all
My team high on the Ponoch Via Ferrata
I did the Ponoch Via Ferrata twice today. This morning I had 3 pupils from The Glasgow Academy and this afternoon I took Alison (our chef for the trip) up the same route. Meanwhile Sal had a team cranking out new hardest leads at Toix and Neal was exploring another canyon.
To all of my friends who have sent snide comments about this week- I know you are just jealous!


simon geering said...

From a climber who has spent the week driving a desk, and is wishing he was out climbing.

I just thought i would say that IMHO you have one of the best jobs going. Please keep the pics and videos coming they are most helpfull in feeding my rat over the grotty winter waiting for the sandstone t come back into condition. Have fun and stay safe :-)

Alan said...

I'm well aware that I'm a lucky guy. I get to go to some amazing places and to work with a huge variety of fantastic people.
glad you enjoy the blog Simon.