Thursday 28 April 2011


Reiff is so relaxing, short interesting routes, reasonable gear, great sandstone and often sunny. Susan and I had most of 2 days climbing there this week; her visit and chance for me to revisit some old favourites and find some new ones. We climbed a good number of routes at The Pinnacle Area, Minch Wall, Black Rocks and Pooh Cliff over 2 half days. In between we stayed at the new campsite below the Am Fuaran bar (great seafood and an ENORMOUS St. Bernard) in nearby Altandhu. 2 great sunny days and routes up to HVS 5b (first time I've climbed Judicial Hanging clean :-) if a little chilly. Working on the rock out on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula tomorrow :-)


Anonymous said...

Alan ... you okay? Haven't see a post for several days.

Alan said...

Ha, sorry- a couple of people have wondered where I've been. See above- no signal and racing around. Thanks for asking.