Tuesday 19 April 2011

SPA Day 2

Spent most of last night drinking red wine and editing a video of Greenland. It's about 15mins long and will take a while to load onto Vimeo in the next day or 2.
Second day of our SPA Assessment was at Neilston pad- a well known Glasgow venue. Congratulations to Sophie, Neil and Grant who all put in creditable performances today and passed.


Electric Fly said...

Good to see that Neilston seems to be rid of it's seasonal flooding at the crag base. :)

Anatole said...

Hey Al - will you be able to resist the temptation of those slidey things when the snows return to Corpach?

E bought me a fab new pair of climbing axes for my birthday :) but then the snow evaporated :(

We are now heading up to Braemar for a week, escaping the hot fug of the south and looking forward to getting out on the hills even if winter is a distant memory.

We look forward to your Greenland video

A & E

Alan said...

And I've run off to the south for the weekend with the family! Out on the mountainbike for the morning before an afternoon with everyone in Keswick.
Slidey things.....hmmmmm..... remain to be convinced! Mine seemed to spend most of their time a couple of inches beneath the tracks the others made- and that's me in 'slim' end of winter mode!