Friday 22 July 2011

Successful candidates and Gone Climbing

Well done to Donna and Alan who passed their SPA Assessment today. We soaked up the sun at a non midgey Neilston Quarry.

Adios for a while.... I'm off Guiding in Bolivia and return on 15th of August. I should have some contact with the world through my shiney new Iphone 4 but don't know If I'll be blogging. Expect a seriously good spell of weather for the next few weeks as I'm out of the country!
Bolivia should be good as I'll be guiding peaks I first climbed when I was 19. I bought a ticket and went out alone, made friends with some local climbers and that was my introduction to Alpinism- in the Andes.


Rog said...

Al, I thought it was the Blackberry for you re "ice axe" operation. Still talking to Cath about Tower Ridge :-/.
Have a good time Bollyville.

Alan said...

I succumbed to the lure of the Apple Rog! Had to get another bombproof case too. Tell Cath that she will cope fine with Tower Ridge which will always be one of my favourite days out.