Friday 5 August 2011

A rest evening

After a trip to Copacabana and the Isla Del Sol in Bolivia the 9 clients and I have climbed Pico Austria, Pyramida Blanca and the lovely Pequeno Alpamayo (via Pico Tarija). 2 of them also did Illusion whilst I went ice climbing on a cascade near the main glacier an hour from base camp.
Next time my 24 year old fit Bolivian fellow guide for the trip with his technical tools lobs off a steep piece of ice must remember that: I don´t want to lead, I definitely don´t want to lead with my leashless straight shafted mountaineering tools, I especially don´t want to lead with his blunt, dodgey Russian titanium screws and I certainly don´t want to lead without his high altitude Bolivian lungs rather than my sea level based Scottish ones!!
A night in town and we are off to join the crowds on the 6088m Huyana Potosi

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