Saturday 3 March 2012

Climbing FUNdamentals

Warming up
Standing up
Today I have been at Glasgow Climbing Centre running a FUNdamentals course for the MCofS. This was the second day like this I’ve worked but at the beginning of the week I had doubts about whether the day would run owing to a lack of bookings. Fortunately a late run of applicants meant that we ended up with 11 attendees. The spread of previous experience was very wide as they ranged from a CWA Trainee to 3 MICs and included school teachers, commercial wall staff, a youth worker and a head of centre. This led to a day with lots of interesting perspectives from the group as we discussed Long Term Participant Development in Climbing, improving and targeting our warm ups, the FUNdamental principles of climbing movement and the concept of the coaching process.
A busy day and my head feels like a well squeezed sponge but I reckon that everyone got something out of the day and had some fun too.

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