Friday 16 March 2012

Just a dusting...

Compare with last weekend's picture....
Susie in a hole with just a dusting of snow around
Direct Belay
Topping out
Cracks around the top of No. 5
Cornices and cracks around the top of No.4
Today I was out with 3 students from West Highland College's School of Adventure Studies looking at mountaineering skills. I'd wondered about going up a gully but last nights torrential rain and this morning's showers just didn't make me want to stand around all day with cornices and steep rock above me so we went to Ledge Route instead. We caught a very light snow shower that put down a very cosmetic dusting of snow- exactly as forecast- but overall the snow has continued to recede over the last week. Topping out we followed the fracture lines around the cornices on No. 5 and headed to top of No. 4 which we descended briskly.
People were off to have a look at Tower Scoop but there were a lot of stream running over the rock today. The promised cooler conditions at the weekend will only briefly stave off the inevitable end that it is nigh for winter... good luck to the pilgrims heading for the CIC today and those booked in next week.

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