Sunday 28 October 2012

Bothy trip with the boy

Whilst some were heading off to scratch in the Norries I was fulfilling a promise to Sandy of a father and son bothy trip. With some packing and food shopping we headed off for Jane to drop us and the canoe on the shores of a loch. We paddled over in the rain and after wading through head high vegetation (that's on me- Sandy was buried but refused to be carried) we reached Essan to get the fire on. It was a night of candles, ghost stories, glow stick sword fights, marshmallows, hot chocolate, coke can lamps and sparklers. This morning we tidied up, gathered some wood for the next users and had an adventurous paddle back across the loch in heavy rain.

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Neil Reid said...

Brilliant! I took my kids to Ryvoan when they were wee and they had a brilliant time and declared it was the best bothy they'd ever been in. (?) Unfortunately they never took to climbing hills and teenage daughter would never be seen anywhere near anything so 'dirty and smelly' as a bothy, but both remember that and a couple of other bothy trips fondly. Best gift you can give.