Saturday 20 April 2013

Sunny rock climbing on Anglesey

My third and final day with the Glenmore Lodge team was forecast to be fine so we decided to start our trad. Rock season at Castell Helen for a little ‘Gogarth lite’ action.
In 3 teams various routes such as Rap, Pel, Blanco and Lighthouse Arete were climbed (first pitches damp and chilly)then and some of us went across to enjoy the sun at Hollyhead Mountain where I climbed Black and Tans with Nancy followed by the bottom pitch of Thread and the top pitch of something harder. My first time climbing there and it was hot, sunny and felt more like a continental sport crag than a British Trad crag near to one of the UK’s best known sea cliffs.
We bumped into various old friends including Shelagh (who used to work at the Lodge) and Robin and Twid Turner all out enjoying the sun. Happy days; the rock climbing season is on!

Many thanks to JSMTC Indefatigable for hosting us throughout our stay.
 The team getting ready to abseil in
 Sandy heading down
 Jon explaining where the line goes to Derek and Sandy
 Nancy abseiling in whilst Andy leads up the first pitch
 Nancy nearly at the niche
 Nancy leading off
 Nancy on Lighthouse Arete
 Hollyhead Mountain
 Sheila in the sun
 Nancy starting up Thread
 Pulling over
 Let the rock climbing season commence


Summit to Sea said...

Hope you're going to pop in then!!

Alan said...

Time and tide wait for no man- our whirlwind tour is already over. Nancy and I both thinking of you Pete!