Monday 20 May 2013

Freshening up on their SPA

Today I went with Chris, Liz and Ally to Glen Nevis to help them with some CPD for their SPA. They  have all been working in the outdoors for quite a while but for a variety of reasons felt they needed an update/refresher/just some new ideas on their SPA work.
Its very sensible and mature of Instructors to go seeking opportunities like this. Most of those I know working in the outdoors recognise that there is always something to learn/practise/improve at. Running a day like this is very much about helping people develop their own skill toolboxes rather than telling them that my way of doing things is better. I like to think in terms of exploring 'pros and cons' rather than listing 'rights and wrongs'.
It was dry if a little humid at Polldubh and we looked at managing groups at the crag, bottom ropes, top ropes, releasable abseils, a variety of problems and how to avoid/solve them, some new bits of kit, 1, 2 and 3 point anchors, rigging with the rope and rigging with slings. A enjoyable, productive day with an experienced sensible team of people.
 "Wildness and wet"
 Leaving things safe at the base of the crag
 Going down to get someone
What's Chris going to get caught in that figure of 8?

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