Friday 3 May 2013

Technical Advice and FUNdas 2

A busy couple of days in the Central Belt. Firstly I was meeting some Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme volunteers and observing and assessing their work for East Dunbartonshire Council. Then today I was at an induction workshop for providers of the MCofS FUNdamentals 2. We spent a long day at EICA working through the program for the day and fine tuning the delivery we will need for the workshops. If you are interested in a workshop then contact Kev at the MCofS for a date near you.
Many thanks to Katherine Schirrmacher for coming up to Scotland to share her experiences of delivering these workshops.
 Footwork, precision, accuracy and parts of holds
 Vertical walls and straighter arms
 Robbie the robot?
Derek setting up the next demo

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