Sunday 15 December 2013

End of the season's wall work

Its been the busiest Autumn i can remember. Articles to write for TGO (thanks for the many retweets, glad they've been so well received) and Climb Magazines on behalf of Glenmore Lodge, a slide show on Afghanistan, 3 of the new MT Coaching Award courses, CWLAs, FUNdas 1s and 2s for MCofS all around Scotland, CWAs, expels and indoor climbing for West Highland College, moderations for NICAS. Hard work, lots of travelling but lots of learning and experience for me too. Nearly time for a family holiday before winter kicks in again in earnest!
CWLA training for 5 candidates at GCC today. Thanks to Pamela Millar from EICA for the input and assistance.
Be good to cough the dust from the walls out of my lungs now!
 Tailed traverses
 How do we teach clipping anyway?
 Attentive 'm' belayers
 Offsetting the 'm'
Exploring limits

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