Friday 25 March 2016

Recovery time

Small children are like petri dishes... harbouring colonies of bugs to give to worn down Mountain Instructors. I came home last week in and weary and got zapped by a nasty virus. It seemed to get better for a days or so but then my temperature skyrocketed to 39degrees+ and the Doc banned hill activity for a week. After a good rest I'm ready to face some very mixed looking weather for the Easter Weekend and the last of my winter work!
I did do a couple of days wall work as I improved though, a Climbing Wall Leading Award training which I ran at EICA Ratho. I always enjoy these courses where there is a real step up in judgment and coaching ability required for the candidates teaching novices to lead climb and lead belay progressively and well. It will be interesting to see how the colourful Clip n Climb works at EICA and whether there will be any feed on to the climbing population- here's hoping.
The day afterwards I was at Glasgow Climbing Centre Directing a Climbing Wall Award Assessment with 4 successful candidates passing both modules.
 Clip n Climb
 Dave breaking down his own clipping
 Vary the angle and body position- vary the practise
 Clip around the clock
 Onto the real deal
CWA Abseil module

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