Saturday 12 March 2016

White snow walk

At the end of last week I was out with the Glenmore Lodge Winter Mountain Leader Assessment party on expedition. We went up to the area above Glen Feshie in snow showers but improving weather and improved some existing snow holes. On the second day we had clear and sunny weather so after a few hours back at the holes we began a long walk out navigating as we went. Underfoot higher up we had deep soft snow but lower down this was a hard icey crust which made for some very heavy going.
 Snowy walk in
 The way behind
 Planning the way ahead
 Sgor Gaoith
 Light winds on the windy peak today
 Happy snowholers
 Hole village
 Phil happy in his hole
 A day in the sun
 Lots of wind sculpted snow in re-entrants
 Blue skies
 A white desert
 On the move
 Heavy going underfoot
 Glen Einich below
 Avoiding the deepest snow
 A great white plain
 A brew at lunchtime
 Spot the team?
 Planning a route avoiding avalanche prone slopes
 Back to the holes
Night nav.

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