Thursday, 7 April 2016

Easter and back to work

I spent a few days on Eigg over the holidays with the family. I took my shoes and a chalk bag but it wasn't to be. The weather in Lochaber has reminded me of autumn, wet snow on the hills, drizzle and heavy cold showers lower down.
For the last 2 days I've been working for Glenmore Lodge with 4 staff from Kilbowie Outdoor Education Centre looking at aspects of running climbing sessions. The Centre sent the staff along for some CPD and to look at current issues and thinking relevant to some of the work they do. With a wet forecast yesterday we went to the Ice Factor to chat about peer belaying, various ways of attaching students to ropes, some rigging options prior to going outside today and who we can actually help people climb better. Today we went to Polldubh and rigged some setups similar to those they use at work, discussed pros and cons and worked through problem avoidance and solutions.
I'm always interested to work with a variety of other instructors and its great to be able to share ideas, bust some myths and point out that most ideas/systems have strengths and weaknesses. There are far more 'pros and cons' than 'rights and wrongs' in what we do. Whilst it is important not to overcomplicate things its also good to take opportunities it critically evaluate and understand what we do and why we do it that way.
Climbing time
 How many ways can you think of to attach someone to a rope?
 'Quiet feet' with consequences
The family turned up at the end of the day- No.1 son practising his clipping
 An accompanied abseil
 Group abseiling antics
Heavy showers

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