Wednesday 20 April 2016

Rock climbing at last!

My days off have not coincided with the best weather this spring so its only been this week that I been able to get out on the rock. Part of the best bit of my job is getting to learn from and work with some great folk and this week I'm away on the mountaineering department of Glenmore Lodge's summer training in the Lake District. We started with an afternoon on the volumes only bouldering at EICA (great fun and really thought provoking in terms of the movement styles this forces- Udo Neumann's videos come to life!). Yesterday we went to Dow where the sun shone and it was warm (except when it went behind a cloud and the temperature dropped 5 degrees suddenly). A great day as Mark Andy and I got on Murray's Direct and B Buttress Variations whilst other teams tackled Isengard and Eliminate A amongst other routes. After a relaxed afternoon we stopped off at the Lansdale Boulder on our way back to Ambleside for a play. 
Have I ever mentioned that I love climbing?
 Ross going all Udo Neumann
 Rack paper scissors for the next pitch
 JJ in clover
 2 colorful Beal Operas in action
 Mark bridging to hold off the layback as long as possible
 Sandy on Dow
 JJ on the start of Murray's Direct
 Andy getting steep
 Its a hard life
 Ian topping out
 Nathan rocking over
 Chadders focussed on the top
Its all too much for Bill!


Bill said...

"All too much".... I was a coiled spring!

Alan said...

We just never found the release!