Tuesday 3 May 2016


Today I was in Glen Nevis with Jess and Alex who are both working towards their MIA assessment. We spent the day looking at different systems, progressions and processes for helping students to learn to rock climb. The weather was not helpful! Sheets of hail followed by heavy rain were interspersed with bursts of strong sunlight only for this to disappear behind the next black clouds. We climbed Cross 3 (always the driest route in the Glen passing under a huge roof), Hangover Buttress Left Edge (the oldest recorded route in the Glen), Styx Buttress Right Wall (it was dry by the time we had finished it) and the Gutter (wet again).
We also had some good chat today on some new DMM gear: The Pivot belay device, the new Dragon Cams and the Chimera grabswith them. The team were impressed and Jess has a shopping list now! More on the gear later.
 Jess putting the new Dragons to good use
 Still snowy on the hills
 Nearing the belay on Cross 3
 Great route for a Diff!
 I'm not coming out there- its raining!
 Alex's turn under the roof
 Soggy but smiling
 The oldest route in the Glen
 End of an old peg
Climb quick there's a dry bit!

Hail-Rain-Sun-Climb-Repeat from Alan Halewood on Vimeo.