Tuesday 24 May 2016

SPA Assessment in the Scottish summer sun

Today was the second day of an SPA Assessment for Cameron and Emma. Yesterday we exercised the excellent new SMC Southern Highlands Outcrops Guide using the photo tops to select some crags at Polldubh that the guys hadn't climbed on but which looked clean. Tricouni Slab, The Corner (new one for me too- good stuff), Route 2, Gambit (still a little dirty but we did some cleaning) and Bardinaghi and more. We had a few nibbling midges in the first few minutes and Smidged up but then the sun came out and they disappeared for the rest of the day.
Today we were across in Ardgour and my eyes were being drawn to the cloudscape back across in Lorn continuously. Baking hot and beautiful.
 1 of several until I hit the Smidge
 Tricouni slab
 The obvious cleaned line
 Come on up.
 Cam on The Corner
 Emma following a great wee line
 Emma on the intimidating Route 2
 Nae bother
 "Scottland's very own little slate route" (polished and prescise)
 Needs more cleaning
 SPA by the sea
 Abseil for Emma
 Definition of 'Roadside'
 Bring me up Scotty!
 That was steeper than it looked!
Stunning cloudscape
 Trust me, I"m an SPA Holder... almost!
 A quick trip down for Emma
Clouds across the sea

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