Monday 6 June 2016

In the sauna on Tower Ridge

Sooooo humid! Andy and Julie were on for the main event today. A local instructor in the Peak had told them if they were coming to the Ben they had to go up by Tower Ridge and should avoid the Pony Track so that was the plan after yesterday's shakedown on Curved Ridge. Rob came out to observe me at work and we got an early start in the hopes of avoiding the forecast heavy rain showers.
The guys cruised up against the sauna like heat. It was like having a wet towel round your face. I closed my eyes at one point and the humidity, heat and mountain airs carried me back to Bolivia, Afghanistan and Mongolia but opening them again and we were on Tower Ridge having it to ourselves and putting on a show for those on the summit. At top we were still keen to minimise time on that path so it was a bee line for Carn Dearg and a descent of Ledge Route. Crossing No.5 Gully into Coire na Ciste we explored the cave under the snow patch there with the heavy drips providing some relief from the heat.
Well done Julie and Andy- top effort for your first 2 days roped mountaineering. Please come again and bring the weather too! Thanks to Atlas Mountaineering for the work.

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