Tuesday 14 March 2017

Into March...

At the end of February I had some work cancelled and rather than take the kind offer of replacement work from Plas Y Brenin I planned some time off and some climbing for myself. However- as often happens- when I took a break my body decided to relax too much and before I knew it I was fighting a chest infection. It was good to be back last week though and working on an MIC Assessment at Glenmore Lodge.
On day 1 we went to Creagan Cha No which let us see the candidates moving with 1 axe a rope and 2 students (myself and the other candidate). We moved over a variety of rocky and snowy ground up to Grade II in ascent and descent and enjoyed the best weather day of the week.
On day 2 we'd lost a candidate due to injury. I went with 1 would be MIC and a volunteer from the Instructor Development Scheme (thanks Seori) and we were guided to and up Fawlty Towers which was in good if not straightforwards condition.
Day 3 and I was watching another candidate make the best of some wild weather teaching his 2 mock students on the Twin Ribs before beating a retreat in some of the worst weather I've been out in for a while.
And on day 4 I watched a candidate coaching his 2 students through Fiacaill Ridge letting them lead some of it as appropriate.
More pictures at: https://www.facebook.com/climbwhenyoureready.mountaineering/media_set?set=a.1353401808036266.100000993792059&type=3&uploaded=26

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