Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Day off.... kind of

Today was programmed in as a day off. But the weather was far too nice so Scoob and I headed out to prospect a couple of potential frozen waterfalls. No luck unfortunately (although the attempt on the big hill in Scoob's Peugot 306 was more exciting/terrifying than most of the icefalls I've done recently) I'd seen this Blog on the first ascent of Culachy Falls which was our plan B.
After a stunning 40 minute walk in under perfect blue skis and on a well beaten track we arrived at the foot of the falls. There was a good stream of water flowing down the middle and the left side looked very precarious (in fact bits kept falling off as we climbed) but the right hand side was a goer. The ice at the top was covered by snow and needed a little clearing- wish I hadn't what was underneath was thin and had a lot of water beneath it! Despite the booming and hollow ice we had our fun and stretched our climbing muscles again. then it was home to a busy afternoon relaxing. Which involved baking brownies, choc chip cookies, whipping up a Thai Gren Fish Curry for dinner and picking up Sandy from childcare- hectic things these days off!

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