Friday, 29 January 2010

Winter Skills Day 5

Last day of our Winter Skills Course at Glenmore Lodge and we went on a jouney to let the team put it all together. Plenty of snow fell overnight which meant a delay whilst the road was cleared and further snowfall meant another temporary closure behind us. We headed across to Lurchers Gully and made our way up to Cairn Lochan in a total whiteout. Careful navigation was required to avoid straying over the edge of the coire as we continued on to the top of the Goat Track, over 1176 and 1141 and down the Fiacaill Coire Cas. After a good blasting of wind and snow all day and a view that would have done credit to the inside of a ping pong ball it was with some surprise that we dropped out of the cloud to see sunshine down on Aviemore and a ski centre enjoying a busy friday in pleasant weather. Well done to my team this week who have let me teach and challenge them in often harsh conditions. Back home for a weekend on the west (climbing sunday) and back to the Lodge to run a mountaineering course next week.

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Colette said...

A great week and great memories in muscle and mind