Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The story so far....

Such a great season so far! Lots of amazing climbs being done all over England, Wales and Scotland, first ascents enough to make the guidebook authors despair and enough roadside ice to make us all give Rjukan and Cogne up and stay at home. I've put together a video of my winter so far, hope you enjoy it and thanks to the many folks who have sent e-mails about the offerings so far this year- lots more to come. A day off followed by 2 days climbing and 3 mountaineering this week then weekdays I should be at Glenmore Lodge with the odd day's work or personal climbing at weekends until mid March. After that it's back west hopefully for a good late season on Ben Nevis! Get in touch if you want to book some late season action.
Enjoy the rest of the season everyone.
(And I even got the tax return done today!)

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James Thacker said...

Nice one Al, good video and even better to have the tax return out of the way at a guess! Must catch up at some point.. Jim