Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Winter skills Day 2

Day 2 of our winter skills course and we were back into Sneachda. We walked right in to the area beneath Aladdin’s buttress to look at self arrest with and without an ice axe in the event of a slide on snow. Much milder today- although the wind never reached the levels threatened in the forcasts.
Climbers were out in Aladdins Couloir, Patey’s Route, Aladdins Mirror Direct, Red Gully, Goat Track Gully, Invernookie and The Seam. An avalanche came out of the Runnel (plenty of other evidence of wet snow slides overnight beneath the gullys) shortly before someone chose to solo it (very large drooping wet cornices above :-( and the rocks were running with water and quite black where exposed by the end of the day.
After investigating how to stop ourselves with an axe we moved back to the moraines where everyone dug an emergency shelter before heading home still in better weather than expected.
Today I was working for Glenmore Lodge.

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